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Unfolding Purulia in Winter: Top 7 Reasons

Purulia, is a district of West Bengal known for popular tourist attractions & tribal heritage. As winter starts, Purulia’s scenic landscape blended with a peaceful ambiance offers an enchanting experience to travelers & nature lovers. Are you planning to escape from your daily busy life & take a break for a while, book your stay in a Purulia resort and say hello to winter.

Let’s dive into the top 7 reasons why Purulia will be your upcoming winter gateway.

1. Large landscapes:

Purulia’s large green landscape undergoes a fantastic transformation during winter. Along with that, the iconic Ajodhya Hills, filled with lush greenery & dense forests make the entire landscape magical. It offers a picturesque site for travelers, photographers & nature enthusiasts.

2. Winter trekking paradise:

For nature lovers, Purulia provides a remarkable winter trekking experience. Ayodhya Hills’ rugged terrain with Bamni Falls, Matha & Joychandi Pahar also offers a trekking paradise. The scenic beauty & crisp winter air of Purulia will make your trip adventurous & mesmerizing.

3. Charming tribal village

Purulia district is known for its diverse tribal community that has a rich cultural heritage. Winter is the best time to explore these tribal villages. From unique tribal costumes to enriched tribal rituals and food, there are a lot of things to do. Immerse yourself in India’s tribal culture & its warm hospitality.

4. Tusu Parab Festival:

Tusu Parab is one of the iconic folk festivals of Eastern India held on Makar Sankranti. The festival involves magical folk music, traditional dance performances, and vibrant processions. Exploring this Tusu Parab festival will immerse you in an excellent cultural experience. Along with that, you will also discover Purulia’s rich heritage.

5. Peaceful getaways:

Purulia always offers a peaceful escape from the daily hustle-bustle of the city. During winter, Purulia’s tranquil atmosphere with serene weather makes this place perfect for those looking for a peaceful retreat. Whether you would like to take a stroll leisurely or explore its beauty, this place will give you a remarkable setting for relaxation.

6. Wildlife encounters:

Apart from dense forest & lush green landscape, Purulia is also home to wildlife. Nature lovers & photographers make this place perfect for wildlife exploration. You can explore a great variety of birds, flora & fauna at the Wildlife Sanctuary of Ayodhya Hills. The winter season will give you the best time to catch birds & spot wildlife species. The diverse ecosystem of Purulia’s wildlife sanctuary adds a layer of enjoyment to your trip.

7. Stargazing & Bonfires:

Last but not least, as the temperature starts dropping, the evening time of this place comes alive with bonfires. It will give you the perfect moment to gather your friends, families & locals with delicious food & crackling flames. Moreover, the clear sky during winter provides a great opportunity for stargazing. You will definitely enjoy the fantastic view of stars & celestial wonders.

Where to stay in Purulia?

As Purulia is the perfect spot for a peaceful retreat, you will find a number of hotels & accommodations here where you can spend your time with a full of peace & enjoyment. However, if you are looking for the best Purulia resort at an affordable price, stop your search at Mahulban Hill Resort.

It boasts a number of luxury accommodation options finely maintained for guests. From luxurious suites to world-class amenities, this resort is perfectly designed to provide ultimate comfort & tranquility.

The Mahulban Hill Resort is located near Baranti which is a popular tourist destination in Purulia. This place is known for its rich tribal culture & heritage. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing experience or warm hospitality in the heart of nature, The Mahulban Hill Resort will never disappoint you.

What does Mahulban Resort offer?

As the best resort in Baranti Purulia, Mahulban blends warm hospitality with a range of facilities including:

● Air conditioning
● Geysers
● Free parking facility
● In-house kitchen
● Pure water supply
● Generator service during power cut
● Sightseeing assistance

Whether you need a refreshment or a taste of adventure, exploring Purulia in winter will be the perfect combination of both. So, what are you waiting for? Book Mahulban Hill Resort & take a winter break today. With top-notch amenities, prime accommodations & warm hospitality, this Baranti resort will make your trip unforgettable.

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