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About Baranti

Baranti is surrounded by the Panchkot and Biharinath Hills and the forests around are full of teak and mahua trees, apart from palash and simul flowers.

The place is completely bereft of urban cacophony  the rustle of leaves, the occasional barking of dogs, the call of a cuckoo are all one hears. The orange flowers strewn on the ground, the black seeds on the trees that will soon be all ablaze, make the area visually arresting. There could be no better place to experience the colours of spring. Baranti is a nature lovers paradise where time stands still and a sense of serenity overpowers the senses.The Place is perfect for peace and tranquility.


Susunia Pahar

History of Baranti

Baranti, very near to Kolkata, is a dynamic tourist destination in Purulia Disctirct, adjacent to Asansol and is the home for local tribal people with rich heritage. To enjoy peace & wonderful scenic beauty with full privacy, Baranti is the ultimate option you should look for. Baranti Hill is located in between Panchet & Biharinath Hill. The village of Baranti is just there on the lap of the hill. The localites are mostly Saontal & they have kept this place with small tillas & hills a completely pollution free place. This is not it. The place also has a big & vast Baranti Lake. If there is anything as utopia, you will surely find it while walking by the reddish roadside beside the Lake. The lake shows its pure beauty during the full moon & it is definitely an out of this world experience. The USP of this place is the calm, peaceful & scenic nature. For winter tourists, an additional award is migratory birds. Even if you are looking for wildlife experience, you may also find deers, wild boars, wolves & so many other wild creatures from the verandah/balcony itself when these wild animals come to drink water from the lake at night. Fishermen also find Baranti a place of fortune as the lake possesses various species of delicious fish which you may also enjoy at your lunch/dinner. There are some other attractive tourist destinations nearby like Garhpanchkot, Biharinath Hill, Panchet Dam, Maithan Dam, Maa Kalyanesari Temple which you may easily visit by renting a car from the resort. In short, if you are looking to freshen up in a peaceful & attractive atmosphere and want to stay away from the busy, crowded & loud city culture for 2-3 days, Baranti is surely the place you are looking for.

Reach Baranti

How to reach Baranti

Distance of Baranti from kolkata is about 263 kms,just avail a train from Howrah,Sealdah or Kolkata station to reach Asansol,then take a local train from thereof Asansol-Adra line & get down at the 4th station,which is Muradi.Then simply take a Rickshaw or a small Car to reach Baranti village,which is just 4 km.Alternatively you can also reach reach Asansol from Kolkata via Bus services.