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How Is Baranti Qualified As a Precious Natural Destination?

A beauteous small tribal village, situated in Purulia’s northeastern side, Baranti, beside the Baranti Lake is earning name and fame among the tourists. The splendid natural beauty in the form of a fusion of hills, forests and lakes qualifies Baranti as the favourite natural destination. Muradi Lake or Baranti Lake stands out as the pleasure–filled stop to watch the best Sunset views. It is said one can get to admire the purest and most gorgeous sunset views in the entire West Bengal. To boot, the pure essence of the Rarh Bangla boasting of its rural culture and environment, lush green surroundings, arid soil, mountains and peaceful ambience compete with each other to earn Baranti as tourists’ favourite destination.

Resorts in Baranti are supremely built with supremely modelled rooms and interiors allowing a clear view of the scenic greenery of the surrounding Muradi Hills. The picturesque location of Baranti marks its scenic beauty and has been welcoming photography fans and nature lovers. Throughout the year, the best resort in Baranti, Purulia are booked with the staff catering to the guests with their best hospitality services.

Occupying the lap of Gorongi Hill, beside the Muradi Lake, Baranti is occupied by the Biharinath Hills on one side while the Panchkot Hill is on the other. Its natural setting deserves all the praise for the footfall Baranti receives. The setting has given rise to trekking in the hills and jungle, bird watching and fishing in the area.

It is no wonder that during the winter time, Baranti is best for picnics. All the panoramic views of Baranti Lake inspire the visitors forming their soulful delight.

All the Key Attractions of Baranti

Key tourist sightseeing spots are giving Baranti the name and fame it has already earned and is still acquiring

  • The water reservoir under the Ramchandrapur Medium Irrigation Project.
  • Joychandi Pahar, located at 21kms from Baranti – is popular for rock climbing and picnics.
  • Panchkot Hill, Garh Panchkot and picturesque Panchet Lake
  • Biharinath Hill.
  • Mukutmanipur
  • Temple alongside Muradi Railway Station.
  • Panchet Dam.
  • Susunia Hill.

For adventure-loving people, Baranti is perfect for its tourist locations like Biharinath Hills, and Panchkot Hill where they can enjoy trekking these mountain heights to reenergize themselves. Away from the urban monotonous life, they have a better opportunity to relish the peace. Muradi Lake, the heart of Baranti with its distilled water flow of the lake, adds to the charm of the panoramic scenery.

The Palash flowers have further intensified the beauty of Baranti. They bloom during Spring to fill the place with an absolute magical charm. Encircling the forests and shrubs with the effect of flowing red colour, these flowers are rightly called the Flame of the Forest. This is terrific scenery no one would ever want to miss out on.

Enrich your stay at Baranti the most luxurious resort located in an exotic setting amidst the Muradi Hills. As long as you stay, you will be entitled to the best lodging amenities. Breathe in fresh, untainted air while admiring the priceless beauty of Baranti Lake’s serenity. Take a glance at the picturesque hills which embrace the resort, and motivate yourself for the upcoming days by walking along the wide greenery alleys.

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